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Galaxy Satellite Communications has been shaped by a group experienced telecommunication professionals in the UK, who have operational involvement in telecommunications in the Middle East and Africa. We have over 25 years of experience in research, design, development and implementation of projects in various telecommunications and IT environments among our experts, including but not limited to:

•          Fix and mobile VSAT terminals, Internet via Satellite, Voice over IP and VPNs
•          Maritime VSAT, Fleet broadband and Satellite phones
•          Infrastructure networking, server installation, telephony and microwave
•          Fleet management, AVL and Tracking Systems

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Wide range of VSAT Services:

GSC’s satellite internet services cover every aspect of the life. Whether you are in a rural area without any infrastructure, or on the move with your vehicle, walking in the wild nature or explore the sea with your yacht, there is always a solution to keep you connected to broadband internet via satellite.
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Our main markets right now are:

VSAT Satellite Internet Africa

VSAT Satellite Internet Libya

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